A new expression of Vietnamese cuisine by Chef T.H.Trung


We love everything that mother nature gives and believe everything exist for a reason. Our ultimate task is to find a way to make it shines. Finding what is best around at the time being is what we do first


Vietnamese is proud to be one of many countries that has a unique culture, language, history. It is appears in gastronomy as well. It is the simplicity, humble yet elegant. That's what present a true Vietnamese spirit


Each person has a different DNA. It is similar in cooking. Whatever be the cuisine modern or classic, street food or fine dinning, it is more important that the Chef can show his personality


What is greater than umami? It is the taste that makes you happy. At La cherie you'll find the love our Chef gives to each of the tiny herbs and flowers as he grow them himself


Do we follow the current or keep the old-fashion? Trend would change but not true value. It is what remind us everyday what to put on a plate tomorrow