At La Cherie each dish has a small story...

Autumn young rice, banana!

Hanoi’s unique delicacy which can only found in Autumn when the young rice is at its perfect stage. Combine with just ripe banana, it’s a simple but elegant taste

Mushroom in claypot, tofu brain, mushroom essence

Autumn is the season of many type of mushroom, especially Sapa forest shiitake mushroom. We cook it in claypot with soft tofu brain, tofu skin and finish with mushroom essence.

Fermented rice sorbet, longan

Autumn is the season of the famous Hung Yen longan. It has a perfect sweet taste with crunchy texture, used to serve only royal class. Combined with light sour sorbet made from fermented rice, you'll feel the autumn melted in your mouth

Grilled dry anchovies, mustard green, forest apples

Forest apples is abundant in this season. People use it to make wine and liqueur. At La cherie we found the great combination with light flamed dry anchovies and mustard green from our garden. Everything is connect with vinegar from forest apple

Wild duck grilled in charcoal, persimmon

Tender duck breast grilled perfectly over charcoal, sweet and sour persimmon puree, Vietnam curry leaves pesto

Garden green salad, pesto mắm ruốc

Zuccini, cuccumber roll with pork belly. herbs, combine with pesto made from "mắm ruốc", with a snow of lime granita.